Thunder Bolt Action Sniper

Introduction: Thunder Bolt Action Sniper

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Hi this is the sniper I have been working on the last couple of days. If I get some good comments I might post an instructable. It has a horizontal mag, the bullets get pulled along the mag by the piece of white string. Once they get to the end of the mag they are pushed up into the barrel by a segment of barrel that can move up and down. This results in a very very very powerful gun because it has a sling and a bolt action system so no friction from a mag. If anyone wants to use this raising barrel system in there own design feel free, just give me some credit the only problem with this gun is the over complicated trigger system.

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    dr. richtofen

    An horizontal mag, bolt action gun? Awesome idea! It's really interesting, innovative, and Hasn't been done before I think.
    Great job on the idea, the looks aren't the best, but the mech makes up for that.
    Keep this up!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks if you want to use the mech feel free ( because the gun itself needs some work )