Tic Tac Maze

Introduction: Tic Tac Maze

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In this tutorial I will make a double decker maze using a pocket sized box and a sea shell. 

1 Tic Tac box
1 seashell or E bead
plastic from 2 Liter bottle or cardboard from Kleenex box
permanent marker
glue gun
glue stick

Find one empty box. Score and peel part of the label that covers the clear part of the box.  Pull off the lid.  Measure the box minus the wall thickness.  Draw a rectangle 1 3/4" x 2 1/4".  Mark 1/4" line from all four edges.  Fold edges along the dotted line.  Use permanent marker to make zentangle like markings.  Plan your maze for obstacles.  If you use a small object as an E bead you can plan a more elaborate maze. Cut a trap door for the seashell to pass though. Cut small rectangles of plastic about 1 1/4" long.   Hot glue L shape plastic according to level 1 and 2 plans.

Tip: you can make an all tabs maze that fits in your pocket.

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