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Tic Tac Toe is a popular two player paper game in which first player to complete a row or column or diagonal of 'X' or 'O' wins . If nobody couldn't achieve the feat , then the match is drawn.

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Step 1: Components Required

1) Arduino Uno/ Nano
2) 20x4 LCD screen
3) 9 on/off switches
4) 9 resistors - 10K

Step 2: Circuit Description

-- The 9 on/off switches are connected to D2-D10 pins of the arduino as in the circuit diagram.
-- The 20x4 LCD display is then connected to the arduino . I have used the analog pins of the arduino (14-19)
-- Upload the attached file to the arduino.
-- That's all folks !! ;-)

Step 3: Some Notes on the Game Play

-- Each switch represent a cell of the Tictac toe board.
switch no. 1 -> row 1 column 1

2 -> row 1 column 2

3 -> row 1 column 3

4 -> row 2 column 1

5 -> row 2 column 2 and so on....

Total 9 cells and 9 switches .

-- First player to play gets 'X' and the second player gets 'O' . The players play in alternating manner.

-- A switch once turned on is ON ! There is no undo or no use in switching it off.

-- Once you finish the game , you have to turn off all the 9 switches to start new game .

-- The game goes on accumulating the scoreboard accordingly , until you click the reset on the arduino.

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Step 4:

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