Tic Tac Toe Game With Arduino Mega 2560

Hi every body.

This is my third post here.

I came back this time with the funny Tic Tac Toe game in a new edition.

I searched the web for similar project, but the idea here is unique. I HOPE :)

So lets start now.

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Step 1: Tools

We shall need:

9 pcs of bi-color LEDs (Red/Green for example)

9 pcs of 330 ohm resistor

2 pcs of Male/Male long wires (pack of 9 for each color of the LEDs)

2 pcs of Male/Male long wires (pack of 7 for each keypad)

1 pc of Male/Male long wire (for GND connection)

1 pc of I2C LCD

1 pc of 9 VDC battery with holder and ON/OFF switch

1 pc of Arduino Mega 2560

1 pc of wood box (for examle 35x15x4 cm)

Step 2: Connection

First step: we connect the two keypads to pins 2 thru 8 and A0 thru A6

Second step: we connect the LCD to VCC, GND, SDL, and SDA ports

Third step: we connect the Red LED Anodes to pins 51, 49, 47, thru 35

Fourth step: we connect the Green LED Anodes to pins 50, 48, 46, thru 34

Fifth Step: we connect the common cathode for each LED to 330 ohm resistors and connect all the resistors together

Sixth step: we connect the GND of the Mega to the common terminal of the 330 ohm resistors

Seventh step: connect the battery and upload the code

Eighth step: ENJOY :D

Step 3: The CODE

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