Tic-Tac-Toe Part-2 ( PIC16F627A )



Introduction: Tic-Tac-Toe Part-2 ( PIC16F627A )

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This is PART-2 of the Tic-Tac-Toe PIC16F627A project. On PART-1 I described the circuit operation, and the basic program flow. In this new section I will propose a possible "good looking" enclosure build for the device with large back-lit buttons. Here you will also find the links to the PCB, Hex code, Assemby (ASM) code, and the .cdr file for laser cutting the top panel.

Step 1: PART-1 Video / Instructable

Step 2: PART-2 Video

(this Instructable)

Step 3: Materials

Basic materials are:

1)Wood moulding for frame (details later)

2)Acrylic buttons (details later)

3)Acrylic top panel (laser cut)

other materials: circuit board, bottom cover, 3 AA cell holders, nuts&bolts, screws, varnish, glue etc.

Step 4: Wood Moulding

Cross section dimensions of the moulding for the enclosure frame

Step 5: Frame Assembly

Cut 4 sides of frame at 45° angle on ends. Edge where panel rests should be 142 mm long. Glue parts together and hold in place with masking tape. Verify right angles.

Step 6: Acrylic Top Panel

Download .CDR (corel draw) file for laser cutting of top panel. Panel is fastened to frame with 8 wood-screws.

Step 7: PCB Board to Top Panel

PCB is attached to panel with (4) 1/8" thread, 1.5" length bolts & nuts. Clearance between PCB and panel is 7/8". Use spacers or double nut.

Step 8: Acrylic Buttons

Acrylic buttons are cut from 20 mm diameter transparent acrylic rod. Button length is 20 mm. All faces have a frosted finish for light diffusion, except the bottom face where LED light enters which is polished. Drill a 3 mm diameter & 3 mm deep hole on bottom face to fit the switch stem. Use a little silicone glue if necessary.

Step 9: Battery Holders

Glue the (3) AA cell holders around the inside of frame.

Step 10: Bottom Cover

140 mm x 140 mm particle wood.

Step 11: Game

Wake : Press center button. After splash, all buttons flash 3 times with player 1 color.

Reset : Press center button for 2 seconds anytime.

3-in-a-row : Winning pattern blinks. Reset with middle button.

Sleep : Game shuts down after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Step 12: Links

PCBoard & Hex code: https://goo.gl/2WcVBM

Top panel corel CDR: goo.gl/arD1j3

Part 1 video: https://youtu.be/DVL3ryTkjgI

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