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Introduction: Tic Tac Torch

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Hello! friends

Welcome to my another 2k16 "Tic Tac Torch" project. In this project i'm gonna show you how to make your own rechargeable torch. It's easy to pick because it's portable

So, let's get started.

Step 1: Material

You'll need

Tic tac empty box

battery 1250 mah or any other

1 watt smd led x 2

Resistor 2.2k

Diode in4007

Red led

Spst switch

Pin connector

Elfy or Glue gun

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

We make our circuit according to this diagram very carefully.

Step 3: Connection

Now joining two smd leds into parallel.

Step 4: Making Hole

Take a cap of a tic tac box and make a hole according to the size of spst switch. Than its look like this in a picture.

Step 5: Smd Led Placing

Put smd led on a tic tac box and pasting it by using elfy or glue.

Step 6: Making Circuit

Now make a circuit according to circuit diagram.

Step 7: Assembling

Put a battery and circuit into the tic tac box than its look like this. Here it is the female connector pin into the tic tac box where's the candies comes out as you can see that in a picture. Now your tic tac torch is ready to use.

Step 8: Finish

As you can see the red led status on/off in a picture.

I hope you guys like it.

Broadcast my project and vote for me i'll upload more projects later.



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    Nice project. Is simple and looks really good. But can you tell me with what tool can you make the hole in the tic tac box such that it doesn't crack.


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    2 years ago

    Nice job Asadullah


    2 years ago

    Where is current protection, heat managment and undervoltage protection?

    3 replies

    You don't need any current protection or heat management bcz I'm using this torch since 4 months and there is no problem in it.

    Lol resistance controls the current and diode protect from reverse polarity and if you are talking about heating it's not too much current it's only 2.5 to 3 volts

    Well if you have 1W led, thats about 3V and 300mA so you need a resistor to limit max current to cca 350mA. About 2Ohm will do the job (for each LED!). If you power the led with the higher current it will be a little brighter but the lifetime will be shorter (and efficiency will be worse).
    The efficiency of the leds drops with temperature of the LED. And for 1W led is necessary to have some heatsink not just aluminium mounting plate because they go quickly over 80 deg C.
    If the battery doesn't have undervoltage protection circuit you can damage battery very quickly.

    Also I would measure voltage on battery when the diodes are connected, because if battery can't put out enough current the voltage collapses.

    that is an awesome idea but the pictures could be more clear and as an idea you could paint the tictac housing :)

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    I understand this is a simple and easy made circuit but it suffers of two main issues : The only current limiting is made by the battery internal resistor and this is not good for the LEDs, they won't last long. Next, there's no management of the battery's charge, not good for it as well.

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