Tic Tac USB 2 Transistors Sound Amplifier




Introduction: Tic Tac USB 2 Transistors Sound Amplifier

Hello everyone, today we will see a project that I really like and that has allowed me to use a small box of TIC TAC much you have before now, this is an audio amplifier using two transistors and having as power supply input USB PC. It will serve to amplify the sound of your PC and smart phone. So let's practice.

Step 1: Components and Tools

Step 2: Circuit

Step 3: The Montage

Step 4: Everything Inside

Step 5: Final Result

Step 6: Conclusion

I'm sure you liked this project and I am here to receive your suggestions and comments. Thanks and see you soon.



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    9 Discussions

    It is an incredible project , i did it but the sound isn't so clrear there is a very high noise , Is there any advice to reduse or get red of this noise , as well is there is any recommended speaker properties

    i am currently making this instructable. how many watts did you used in the circuit? what transistor can be used to replace the BC327? can i use BC307? thank you very much. your urgent reply will be greatly appreciated. :)

    1 reply

    pal can i ask you what is the type of diode that you used and the name of transistor you used? like 2n3039 something like that. . something specific thanks!! :)

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    Hi Percky,
    for the diodes I used three voltage rectifier diodes type 1N4007 you can use the same or similar to lose the 5 v from the USB.
    The transistors are PNP transistor: BC 327 - Q1 in the circuit.
    - Q2 circuit 548 BC: The NPN transistor.
    thank you.

    It would be very helpful and improve the quality of this instructable to label your supplies and tools.

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