Tide Pods Pumpkin Hack

Turn a Tide pods container into a Pumpkin!

Items to get
  • Tide Pods container
  • Black permanent marker
  • 50-100 strand of Christmas Lights
  • Mr. Clean Eraser
  • Small tent stake

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Step 1: Remove Stickers

  • Remove lid, discard
  • Remove the stickers on the Pods container.  Best way is to soak them in water for several hours and then take the dull end of a butter knife or some other dull tool and remove the paper sticker  (trying not to scratch the container) .
  • Take the Mr. Clean Eraser and clean the glue residue off the container.
  • Dry the container.

Step 2: Add a Face and Lights

  • Turn the Pods container upside down with the opening face down.
  • Draw your desired face with a Black permanent marker.
  • Push a small tent stake or hanger through the side and out the opening.
  • Put a set of lights in the container and place outside using the stake to keep it on the ground.
Enjoy your cheap pumpkin!
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