Tie Dye

First step:Get a plain white shirt,and tie dye kit from Walmart or any store.

Step two:Rinse fabric out with soap and water,then wring.

Step three:Pinch about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the fabric at the center. Tie tightly with an elastic band.

Step four:Continue tying more elastic bands below each other, spacing about one inch apart. Tie as many as you like. These will create circle patterns on the fabric.

Step five:Soak the fabric in the dye (and salt) and boiling water mixture as instructed on pack.

Step six:Rinse well in clean water. The water from the squeezed fabric should run clear after. Wring the fabric.

Step seven:Hang outside to dry

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    4 years ago

    See above! :-} And, in your example, how do you change colors? Do you pour the different colors where the bands are (or maybe in between them?)