Tie Dye



Well,there goes a perfectly good shirt ruined.

Step 1: You'll Need.

An old t-shirt.
Fabric dye
Elastic bands
Ideally be outside

Step 2: Pick an Old T-shirt.

This is my first tie dye. Of all the many different ways to tie the material to make specific patterns, I went with my own. So I started at the left shoulder of the shirt ,crumple it before securing it with an elastic band, and kept doing this leaving different gaps between the elastic bands so I could die each with a different colour. The black shirt had a logo I didn't want ruined so I covered it with cling film and secured it with tape. The dye didn't stick to the black as I was hoping.But in future it's a good way to cover shirt print as the colours didn't run there at all.

Step 3: Dyeing the Shirt.

Mix the dye according to instructions.Place the shirt on a rack so the colours drip down. I didn't have a free rack ,so I used this tray with good drainage.Start emptying the dye onto the shirt making sure it soaks in instead of letting too much go to waste.

Step 4: Use Gloves

Oh wait that's the first step.



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