Tie Dye: "Fire" Veil

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I got a semicircular veil from Dharma Trading Co.  and decided to dye it to look like fire. I wanted to make an arc of dye to match my fabric's shape. So I asked my friend Danger is my middle name for some dye help.

She taught me some really cool tricks, and I wanted to share them with you.
The first important thing: the bits of fabric that you put next to each other are probably going to be the same color!
That means to make an arc shape, I just gathered the fabric together, with the curved hemline all together.
I tied knots to hold it in place and make a scalloped, textured shape.

I then added little knots to the ends of the fabric. This makes cool square shapes (along the hemline- see the second picture).

Thus, here is the piece of fabric, all tied up and ready to dye:

Soak it in vinegar for a while, squeeze it out, and put it on a rack. Dye it like this:
The colors are fuscia, orange, yellow, and a little bit of violet sprinkled about.

Microwave 3 minutes in a glass dish. Then you can immediately wash it out, untie under running water, and hang it up to dry!

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