Tie-Dye Paper Napkins!!




Intro: Tie-Dye Paper Napkins!!

When I was at camp I loved to tie-dye things but I wanted to do something on my own without chemicals so I invented tie-dye paper napkins.

Step 1: Get a Napkin

The materials you will need are:

  • Paper napkin
  • Color Markers
  • Rubber bands

Step 2: Get Your Napkin Wet

But not to wet.

Step 3: Rubber Band the Napkin

The way you rubber band it will effect the pattern.

Step 4: Color It With Markers

Dab the napkin with any color.

Step 5: Take the Rubber Bands Off and Unfold.

Let the napkin dry.

Now you have made your own tie-dye napkin!!!

Step 6: Striped Tie Dye Napkin

This is a different tie dye pattern.



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    Ooo pretty! I bet this a great kids craft not to mention a great way to test out tie dye techniques! Welcome to instructables!