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Introduction: Tie Fighter Bento

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Here is a Star Wars Bento, depicting a Tie Fighter going *pew*pew*.

I made Rib Eye steak for dinner and my husband was glad that he would have a good lunch today, and I was in a creative mood, so hopefully he will like it even more.  True...this isn't usually for adults, but we don't have kids yet.  Call it practice!  I call it food craft.  I never know if this stuff embarrasses him at work, or impresses people that I will spend this much time putting leftovers into a box.  Maybe I just do it for me, because it's a chance to play with food.

Either way, hope you guys enjoy!  PS!...if you need or want tupperware, check the dollar store.  Holy wow.  

Step 1: What You Have.

This step is about what you HAVE.  Not what you need.  (Mine are usually leftovers.)

Basically, my opinion on Bento is that you may have lots of cool things in stock to use, play with, shape things...but the food comes down to what you have to work with.  There are no rules.  Just try to make something cute out of what you have.  That's my opinion.  No reason to stress out about what you need to have to make something.  Just use your imagination and put things together that are already in your kitchen.  If you want more color, maybe it's a good idea to go shopping.  :)  It's up to you.

One other thing that I love - cake decorating supplies.  I use them as props when I do this stuff.  I will try to find some photos to attach to this step, to show you.  

Step 2: Layering

I needed a base for the Bento because I like build the meal upwards.  If you start at the bottom...I don't know, it just doesn't make sense to me.  I don't know too much about Bento, it's been less than a year and I've only done it a few times.  Generally, the food is at an even level when finished and it's separated strategically.  

So, for a base, I put some salad at the bottom, with a ziploc bag of dressing.  That should go well with the left over rib eye.  Plus...I think it's cool to call it a secret salad because no one knows its there!  Until they eat their way to it.

After the salad, I put a thin layer of seaweed/nori, teriyaki flavored.  It works well because it's kinda sticky.

Step 3: Steak

I cut his steak up with a sharp knife and tried to shape it as best as I could.  I can't visualize these things before I do them, they just unfold.  So I can't give you any advice on how to shape your food.  Play around with it until you're happy.  I am horrible at perspective and if I ever make anything, it's flat.  Plus, my lines suck. haha.

I used string cheese to line the center console of the Tie Fighter.  Cut the .. string cheese horizontally and wrap it around your circle.  Pin it with a couple toothpicks and put it in the microwave for around 20 seconds.  Once it's starting to melt, take it out and press it into shape.  Set it face down and the melted gravity will help form your cheese circle.  You can then add your windows and melt them on, but I didn't want to take any chances so I left them for the end, unmelted.

I did the same cheese melting technique with the patterns on the...edge wing things?  It took forever and it was the hardest part.  My tip for you - don't do what I did.  Use a knife or an exacto instead.  By hand, it takes decades to make the right size cheese.  Then you can melt these pieces together and shape them as needed.

Step 4: Stars!!!!!!!

My favorite part about this thing is the stars!  I love all stars of all kinds.

Okay, situate your Tie Fighter in some ritualistic Star Wars way...I just guessed.  Then you can put some stars around your ship.  I used a tiny cookie cutter, a slice of provolone cheese, and spaced them out nicely.  For the TINY stars, specks, I just sprinkled some sesame seeds around.  

For the lasers I used some sour punch kinda candy.  I had it leftover from the cupcakes I was making, so I figured that I would put it to use.  (Pretty awesome to have all these random things in the house and not have to plan this out or buy things.)  Back to the green stuff...I rinsed off the sour stuff and let them dry on a plate, stuck a hard spaghetti stick into the tube and left an un-filled part of the straw to puncture as a stilt against the rest of the Bento, to hold it up in the design.

Then I added my windows and I was done!

Step 5: Get It Ready to Send to Work!

It's back in the fridge, waiting for my husband to wake up and take it to work.  I will probably add a sign that says to keep it upright because I don't want him to crash his Tie Fighter before he even sees it.  

Thanks for checking out my attempt at a Tie Fighter!  Hope you guys have a nice day at work!  :)  

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    while Japanese food will never occur in my mouth, except in rare rare times, pretty food is pretty food. My wife's company used to buy lunch for people who worked through lunch. then after 30 years they stopped. I , being a tight wad would use the paper I bought cold cuts in (from deli) to wrap the sandwich then using a china marker, I would write , Ham/cheese Lect, Tom, S&P, Mayo/Must. then a price. Then a reused throwaway for homemade slaw or salad and a pickle. I had a stack of white and brown bags I load her lunch and put prices and a total. Workers walked by her desk and for about a week or two every thought she was still getting lunches! Why, cause they looked nice, When some complained she explained. Then of course the comment was, "that food really looks like a corner deli did it , your HUSBAND made that for you really??

    Say yes to pretty food, my wife does not like food done your way, but I did it for my kids when they were small and they loved it, and other kids were jealous.

    Keep making those fashion plates!!!!

    great job

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    haha! :D that's great! it's creative, fun, funny and smart. that's ridiculous that they suddenly stopped, but you had a fun way of making it up to her. :) such a nice husband! and i'm sure that this meal would freak out lots of adults. haha :D i usually just pack leftovers, but i was feeling creative and carefree. thanks for the comment, it was fun to read your story! :)

    well I must add for me first there must be enough to fill you , and at same time it must be good, after that comes presentation. But we are talking dinner left overs and if it is real good first time then left overs are a snap.

    I know a kid who for most of his school years would rather have peanut butter sandwiches over a from home, meatball hero, because the hero would not be piping hot with a splash of sauce and fresh sprinkle of peccorino romano (loccatelli). Now while I agree hot is best, his mom cooks extremely well. Her sauce and goodies are great. Eventually, last year, he came around to PBJ's do not ever hold a candle to a cold meatball hero!!! Well providing a well trainer cook is making the stuff.

    ah the follies of yutes. (see my cousin vinny , trial scenes)

    that's very true! and the school lunches reminded me of being a kid..wow. my mom would make the SAME sandwich for YEARS. YEARS. it was the ham from costco, sliced, with mayo on bread. same damn thing lol. oddly enough, after being so sick of it, (elementary, middle school and beginning of high school) - i actually bought some yesterday at costco. LOL that's horrible. but i'll see if my tastebuds have changed.

    and lol @ the cousin vinny phrase!

    Please tell me those are 'Lightsaber' chopsticks in photo #4 of step one, and if they are where on earth did you get them? Must have!!!

    2 replies

    they are! :D they sell them in sets in most places. but check on Amazon, they were the cheapest there, at the time i got them. they were vader + windu set. :)

    How fun! I really want to try making my own now. :) I found a way to de-seed a pomegranate much easier than I was doing. Here's the link I found: http://mideastfood.about.com/od/tipsandtechniques/ss/deseedpomegrana.htm Basically you score it and do an ice water dunk. So Much less messy!

    I hate to say it but the dollar store plastic wares won't last a year (probably less than six months especially if you put it in the dishwasher). You'll spend way more on the cheap stuff over the course of your life than if you bought a good set of Tupperware early on.

    2 replies

    the actual one that i used is by Ball, and it's amazing. :) i priced it online and for this type of freezer storage container, they are around $20. i love my stuff and i've had it for 9 months now. but you're right. i just pick out the great stuff at the dollar store.

    If it's for work or other outings, I would argue that "I'm gonna lose it half the time anyway....."

    This is so so fun! And I love that it's shooting ;-) I'd love to take this to work for lunch.