Tie With a Hidden Wallet

Introduction: Tie With a Hidden Wallet

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I had some material left over from a Tenth Doctor Coat. The Doctor inspired me to make a tie with a hidden wallet inside if it.

The material is a little heavy for a tie but It has the look and feel of the suede coat.

I wanted a full size wallet, not just a tiny hidden pocket.

The suede material makes it incredibly hard to tie a proper knot!

The wallet feature is completely hidden from view and no one even knows that it is there!

Step 1: Materials

I used a standard men's tie that was a little wider than a standard bank card.

You will need a sewing machine, thread and some tracing paper.

I used a heavy suede looking upholstery material and Royal Blue coat lining. A lighter satin type material would be a better choice for a tie.

Step 2: Make a Pattern

I placed the tie face down on a large sheet of tracing paper and used a pencil to make a rough outline.

The tie was then removed and the outline was cleaned up with a straight edge.

A center line was drawn down the entire length of the tie.

All of the angles were marked as shown.

The tie drawing was then measured from center line to edge and the main drawing was increased in width on both sides by this measurement.

Another 1/2 inch was added around the entire perimeter of the the drawing.

This pattern in for the main tie.

The lower part of the drawing was copied once and the center box section of the lower drawing was copied twice and enlarged by a 1/2 inch.

Step 3: Cut the Materials

Cut the patterns from the paper and use them to cut the selected materials to the proper sizes.

I used a steam iron to fold the materials and add visual reference points as to where things need to sewn together.

I also used a straight edge to get perfect lines.

The inner wallet portion was folded and ironed so that the shiny side would be visible when the tie was opened.

Step 4: Make the Wallet

Work with the inner material.

Sew one long edge of the smaller rectangle to make a folded seem.

Sew one long edge of the larger rectangle to make a folded seem.

Position the smaller rectangle on top of the larger one so that 3 sides are even and the sewn edge is overlapped by the larger rectangle.

Sew the smaller rectangle on top of the larger one. on the 3 edges that meet only. Leave the first sewn overlap edge open.

Position 3 cards on top the the smaller rectangle and sew along the card edges to make card pockets.

Position the sewn assembly on top of the inner tie lining so that one side edge is in line with the widest point of the lower tie tip.

Sew along three outer edges of the rectangles leaving the upper overlap section open.

Step 5: Position the Wallet

Place the wallet section in the tie material so that the wrong sides of the materials are covered by one another.

Fold the outer edges of the tie over the inner wallet section. It might be a good idea to do a double fold so that the cut edge of the tie is hidden from view.

Do not sew the narrow neck section together at this time.

Turn the tie over and fold neck section in half along the long axis. Sew the neck section together so that there is a 1/2 inch wide sewn line. The neck will now be inside out.

Use a yard stick or other narrow straight edge to push the neck through itself so that the tie is right side out.

Iron the entire tie flat.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea + easy to follow steps + plenty of photos = a great instructable!

    Have you considered submitting it to the Spy Challenge? I for one would gladly give it a vote :)