Tieing a Clove Hitch




This is one of the simplest knots that i can think of so because this is my first instrucable I decided to have this as my this knot as my topic. Don't get me wrong though, while this knot is extremely simple it is extremely valuable if you hope to get anywhere with roping skills.

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Step 1: The First and Final Step

To start you want to hold your piece of rope in front of You. Then make two loops in the rope as shown below. Make sure the loops are the same. Then slide the object you want to put this around through the two loops and your done.

Step 2: Second Way

Now lets say the object you would like to put this around can't be moved to be put in the loops as is often the case when using this knot. In this case what you want to do is wrap the robe around the object to form an X then when the X is formed put he end you've been wraping with through underneath the X and your done congrats know you can tie a clove hitch.

Step 3: But How Do I Use It

I'll give two quick examples.
1.One is lets say you have a sail boat but the wind is looking a bit iffy so you want to bring out a paddle but you also want to make sure the paddle doesn't slide off the sail boat into the water. So you use a clove hitch on the paddle and then another one around the mast.
2.Another way it is used id to start a lashing so you have a secure hold around whatever your lashing together.



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    5 years ago

    Thanks this was very helpful.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I used to tie the clove hitch all the time until I found out about the constrictor knot.

    its the same thing but with an overhand knot under the X.
    its faster and easier to tie too.

    and the instructable was perfect, I can't think of any way to improve it.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very good job on the instructable! Excellent pictures and illustration. As far as the clove hitch is concerned, don't forget that it is strongest when the line is being pulled along the length of the object and not at a right angle to it. Also, a hitch is by all rights, not a knot. This is because unless it is formed or secured arround an object it will collapse. Just a bit of semantics. A true knot can be tied and will not collapse, such as a figure 8 or a bowline.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable, thanks for the other web sites as well they were very helpfull.