Tiger Stripe Pellet Gun

Introduction: Tiger Stripe Pellet Gun

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Step 1: Choosing Your Weapon

For this (my first) instructable I'm going to quickly go over how to give any black gun tiger stripe camo.
I am using my crossman m4 pellet gun but you could easily do this on any black plastic gun.

Step 2: Required Materials

using an orange spray paint that works on plastic is a must. You will also need regular masking tape.
Don't forget old newspaper for protecting your spray area.

Step 3: Tear Down

Sorry no picture
take down your gun so all the internal mechanisms and any other parts you want to protect from paint are separated from the plastic shell of the gun you do want to paint.
if using the same gun as I am a quick YouTube search will bring up some great tear down videos

Step 4: Taping and Spraying

Tear strips of tape, pointed at each end, and apply them to the parts you wish to paint. using a general "tiger" stripe pattern as a guide.
then begin spraying orange paint. Since black can be quite tough to paint you will need to put a few coats on to ensure a good looking paint job.

Step 5: Tape Removal

once the paint has dried enough to handle the parts begin using needle nose pliers to remove the tape leaving jagged black stripes all over the gun.
Depending on your paint this May take a few days to dry completely. my paint job needed a week with plenty of time in the sun.

Step 6: Reassembly

once your paint is dry assemble the gun, paying close attention to how your internals go together.
happy plinking.

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