Tighten Your Apron Neck Strap

Introduction: Tighten Your Apron Neck Strap

Is your apron too long around your neck, and not adjustable? Here is the fix! And it takes just five seconds.

The story:
I wear an apron at my part time jobs, and I'm short. On a standard apron, the loop that goes around the neck is sized for some one very tall. I don't like this for two reasons: I don't like how it looks when the apron hangs down low, and more importantly, this leaves the apron hanging loose, so it slides around, and falls forward into what i'm working on. Not a huge problem but not ideal. So often times I tied a plain knot into the strap to shorten it. However the know took up a lot of strap, making it almost too tight. Until recently, when I had a revelation! An easy knot that takes up less strap, and is actually adjustable. As a bonus, it pulls out easily when you want it to. It's great, so I had to share.

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Step 1: Start

First, put on the apron and tie it around your waist. You are going to tie a not behind your neck, but don't worry it's not too hard. 

Step 2: Loop

You need to create a loop, so pick up the strap with your left hand thumb and pointer finger. Twist it around, so you have a loop around your pointer finger, and your finger is pointing to the right. It's only important that the straps cross with the right over the left, as in the picture.

Step 3: Make Another Loop

to the right of the first loop. Just pinch a section.

Step 4: Pull It Through

That second loop is going to go behind, and out through the first loop. Meaning close to your neck, then pull it through away from your neck.

Step 5: Pull Tight

or at least tighter, so it turns into a knot.

Step 6: Adjust

Once you have it sort of tight, you can adjust it. Pull the right part of the loop to shorten the strap, or pull on the right corner of your apron to lengthen it. Pull on the left part of the loop to tighten the knot and hold it in place. You may need to go back and forth to get it right.

Step 7: Taking It Off

Once you are done wearing the apron, you can easily pull the knot out. Just grab the top corners of your apron and pull, and it'll come right out. Very easy!

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    2 years ago

    This is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to post your suggestion to shorten the neck strap of aprons. I purchased a dozen children's aprons and the neck is quite large on the small ones. I knew there had to be a simple way to adjust between children and I am soooo happy I found this suggestion. Thank You!!! Camille-Engel.com