Help! Air Gun (Tihar) Plans


Introduction: Help! Air Gun (Tihar) Plans

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If you've ever played Metro 2033 or Metro Last Light then you've seen the Tihar And the other pneaumatic weapons in these games and how effective they are and I'd like to build one.

Step 1: The Materials

Okay sense I haven't built one (yet) this is just a guestimation of what would be needed.
-Metal Pipe (with the seam on one end) as a barrel.
-1lb air tank to hold the air pressure needed to fire the gun.
-Piston like air pump to fill the tank by hand.
-A couple hoses
-A few one way check valve
- A Firing Mechanism (I don't know much about that stuff)
-I'd prefer it have a clip. In the game it was a small tube with 4 slits down the sides filled with 15mm ball bearings.

Step 2: Your Turn

If you have any contribution to my plans it would be gladly accepted and feel free to build it yourself and tell me if it works. Thanks.



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    Does anyone have the Dimensions?


    2 years ago

    Hey guys

    Couldnt we just modify the loader and barrel of a paintball gun to get it to fire the 15mm ball bearings then work from there

    Hi Garra!

    First, of course, be very careful. Compressed gasses can be very dangerous and prototypes generally are pretty finnicky. Second, this is an awesome project. I'd start with looking at one of the few military grade air rifles that was produced, the Girandoni from Austria:


    With some rearranging and remixing you can make a lower power, annoy your sister, kind of similar rifle. You would need the right equipment and materials to make a high pressured enough rifle to penetrate like so in the game, although I don't suggest that. I'm trying to make a similar version with pvc


    3 years ago

    Use an empty fire extinguisher as a pressure tank...hoses will explode under high pressure so use more pipes and a firing mechanism you need a normal valve (not held responsible for any damage to property or individuals if anything wrong happens)

    1 reply

    I'm afraid not. I'm 17 so the tools I use are at my grandparents house and well school started so no go there. But I'd gladly help talk it all out with you if you'd like.

    Yes please! :) I've been searching the making of this for like, months. Check your instructables inbox.

    I'd Like too but there's a big problem. The cylinder has to be as big as possible because with one of it with The dimension of an half-liter bottle you've got only two shoots for charge

    1 reply

    You have a point. The tank would have to be as big as possible and still be portable for an average person.