Tiki Torch Wine Bottle

Introduction: Tiki Torch Wine Bottle

Being new to the South I had no idea how many bugs there are here! I love the weather, but its tough to sit outside in the evening because of the bugs! Heres a simple solution no matter where you live!
Step 1Bottle

Start with a clean wine bottle, labeled removed by either soaking, peeling or using Goof Off. (You can use any kind of bottle too, wine, sparkling water, any glass bottle you like:))
Step 2Filler

Fill the empty bottle with rocks, jewels, marbles, etc anything that will fit in.
Step 3Oil

Add in your citronella (or whatever you like, you can use different kinds) fill about 3/4 of the way.
Step 4Washer and Wick

Now add a washer on top and a replacement wick you can buy at Lowe's or Home depot.  Tread the wick through the washer and then the washer just sits on top of the bottle.
Step 5Decorate

You can decorate your bottle any way you would like, or not...I used a sticker that said "CHEERS"
Step 6Light

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