Tile Base TV Shelf



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This easily made, cheap, and beautiful TV shelf can be made by anyone.

All you need is:

12-18" floor tiles for the base - $24

2 -10' 1" x 8" boards $15

I used leftover tiles, so I simply loose laid tiles without grout on top of the boards for the finish.

Tools - Small tube of silicone caulk, fiberglass drywall tape

It took less than an hour to build. You can use any shelf top you want - granite, plywood, finished lumber or barn board.

The key is the easy to build finished base pieces.

Step 1: Make the Tile Base

You are going to use the 2" wide fiberglass tape and silicone to make a hinge between two tiles.

Take two tiles. lay them on the floor touching edges, ends even. Cut the fiberglass tape strip.The tape can be continuous or just 3" strips at the ends.The fiberglass has a thin, easy to bend center line which should be centered over the gap. With a vinyl glove, spread the caulk through the fiberglass onto the tile. Lift the fiberglass to check how well it penetrates. Let the silicone set up , and repeat for as many bases as you need. When the silicone is cured, the hinge lets you fold the tiles together ,move, open up and set in place. You can use a colored sanded caulk to "grout" the open crack.

Step 2: Attach the Top

You don't have to.

The bases are very stable when spread out at 60-90 deg.

You can also use 3 tiles at 90 degrees to make a massive solid looking base.

l_l l_l

I used planed unfinished Mexican Cedro 1x8s simply laid on the bases, then the loose laid tile on top. A 1x 3 nailed to the front level with the tile would give a massive look to the shelf - I will have to do that !
You can also stack more tile bases above the first one and add more shelves. If you do that, better attach the top shelf to the wall.

Enjoy- post pics of yours- there are lots of tile an top options.

Step 3: You Are Finished!



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