Tile Mosaic Magic

Introduction: Tile Mosaic Magic

Use leftover tiles to make decorative signs. Upgrade your locker or decorate your room in a few easy steps! All you need is enough small pieces of tile to outline the number(s) or image of your choice and a larger piece on which they will all fit and you are on your way to making "Mosaic Magic"!

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Step 1: Rows of Tile to Play With.

Endless rows of tile! What to do...?Time to cut out strips of tile to make a number!  Tile squares that are 5/8" x 5/8" or smaller work best.

Step 2: Cut Tile Row

Cut desired rows of tiles using scissors.

Step 3: Use Rubber Bands to Find Tile Center

Find another piece of tile that you wish to work with. In this case, a 6” by 6” tile can fit the house number 4 squarely in the center if the smaller tile pieces range 5/8"x5/8" or smaller. Use rubber bands and a ruler to find the center of the tile. The rubber bands can wrap around the tile and be adjusted. One rubber band can stretch from left to right and the other from the top to the bottom of the tile.  Use the ruler to measure the rubber band locations so they are centered on the tile as shown.

Step 4: Organize Tile Rows

Arrange the smaller tiles so that your number appears centered in the larger tile

Step 5: Draw Around Number

If you are able to draw on the tile, outline the number using a pencil.

Step 6: Glue Tile

Plug in the glue gun (loaded with glue sticks) and flip the small tile strips to the back side. Once the glue is hot(~5 - 10 min), add glue to the back side of one strip at a time and quickly turn it over and press it down so that it adheres in the proper location. Remove residual glue on tile immediately (carefully with a wet sponge, since it is hot).

Step 7: Display

You can display your number by leaning it onto your house wall or you can attach it with your fixture of preference. Don't forget to erase the pencil lines!

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