Tiling on Extremely Uneven Floor


Introduction: Tiling on Extremely Uneven Floor

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The garage floor was very uneven so i tiled it, because most of the big project was problem to work on this uneven floor when it comes welding and all. So i finally decided to tile the floor. now it in almost dead flat and i can work on bigger projects with out any issues.

Step 1: Build Process Video

here i show how i made the floor as level as possible.



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    3 Discussions

    very entertaining video. Cute helper. Why did you leave the old tiles around the edge. The tiles are so beautiful I would have put them in my house instead of the garage. Nice job. What was the black layer? Just dirt or something else?

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    i am planning on building a problem on top fo it and want dead flat floor for that project.
    the black stuff is what we say here black sand. its just crusted black Mountain rocks.

    problem i mean project