Tilling Raised Bed Gardens

Every spring I struggle with preparing my raised bed gardens. When I use a turning fork or a spade I always end up cracking the wood frame. One day I was walking through my local home improvement store and saw the perfect solution.

Step 1: Bulb Auger!

I bought that little beauty and brought it home. If you live in an area where bulbs are not common like I do, bulb augers are used to drill down into the ground so you can plant your bulbs easily. Here is one at a decent price.

Step 2: Drill, Baby,Drill!

Affix the auger in the chuck. Place auger where you need to turn the soil. Hold that drill in both hands. Squeeze the trigger and let it bore to the desired depth. Release the trigger and then pull the auger out of the soil. Easiest tilling I've done since I used my dad's Troy-Bilt in his garden.

Step 3: Before and After

Here are the results. Fresh turned soil with fertilizer and mulch evenly mixed.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

This hack works well with raised bed gardens. I would not recommend using this in an in ground garden unless soil is loose already.

Keep a good grip on the drill so you don't do something stupid like breaking a wrist.

If you have a drip system you need to make sure you have removed any lines.

If you used a weed barrier when you put the garden in, make sure you don't drill too far down or it will rip it out and might twist the drill out of your hands.

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    2 years ago

    I have a Mantis tiller. It is pretty good for my raised beds. First I turn it all with a shovel, then I run through it with the Mantis to do the fine cut for me. I have a bunch of bulb augers too. But all I do is plant bulbs with them.


    Nice garden setup. I think that I might try this for my garden this summer.