Humans Vs Zombies Marshmallow Gun




Warning: I am not responsible if you get injured using my marshmallow gun.
Even though marshmallows are soft I highly recommend that anyone being shot at by a marshmallow gun should be wearing eye protection.
Also never run with the marshmallow gun in your mouth.

This instructable will teach you to make a tilt action marshmallow gun. I designed this gun for humans vs zombies at my college. For those not familiar with the game the zombies try to run up and “eat” the humans by tagging them, while the humans fend them off with projectile weapons, usually Nerf guns.

I have developed a marshmallow gun which provides a few key advantages to its users:
  • First of all it uses marshmallows as ammunition. Users of Nerf guns will often end the game with no ammunition for their guns because they are unable to pick up their fired Nerf projectiles as the zombies are chasing them. This leaves Nerf “bullets” everywhere, and the users without anything to shoot. The marshmallows are expendable as you can buy a large bag for $3 and they melt with the first rain.
  • The gun acts as a quick to reload shotgun, with a secondary short burst machine gun, whereas most Nerf guns fire individual rounds. This means that you can fire more rounds faster than with a cheap Nerf gun. This makes it much easier to hit those pesky matrix zombies that can dodge Nerf rounds.
  • The marshmallow gun uses magazines. When you run out of ammo in one magazine you can switch it out in seconds. There is no need to individually reload the way you load most Nerf guns. You can easily carry enough magazines to hold hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
  • The marshmallow gun has better range than most Nerf guns.
  • The marshmallow gun is inexpensive, and easy to make. All the parts can be acquired from your local hardware store for less than ten dollars. There are other ways to make a marshmallow gun so that it will fire with an air reservoir but this gun is much simpler and less expensive and it works just fine.

To build this gun you will need:
  • 3 right angle tubes (L tubes),
  • 2 T tubes,
  • 6 inches of 7/8” vinyl tubing for the mouthpiece (this may prevent you from loosing teeth or sustaining a worse injury to your throat; DO NOT REPLACE THIS PIECE WITH PVC!),
  • 4 feet of ½” thin walled pvc + extra for extra magazines,
  • 2 end caps + 2 endcaps for each extra magazine you want (one for each end).
  • saw
  • sandpaper
  • permanent glue (non water soluble)
  • twist tie or other wire

Cut approximately the following lengths of pvc. With the exception of the 1.25 inch piece the measurements may simply be eyeballed as they are not very important.  You can customize your gun to whatever makes you happy by modifying the tube lengths. 
2 pieces 2 inches long
1 piece 1.25 inches long
2 piece 6 inches long
1 piece 8 inches long
1 piece 12 inches long

Next sand down the ends of pvc tubes. Most of them just need to have clean cut ends.

One tube that needs extra care is  the 1.25 inch tube, which needs to be sanded extra. This tube will attach the tilt action magazine to the gun. Sanding it down will prevent jamming, and allow more marshmallows to load with each tilt. Sand the inside of the top lip so that there is a smooth transition from the inside of the gun to the lip. The lip will be a fairly sharp edge the same diameter as the outside of the tube when you are done. The length of this tube is important if you want your gun to fire a few more marshmallows per shot make it a little longer; if you want it to fire the minimum amount like I do, leave the tube short so that the L joint is almost touching the T joint.

VERY IMPORTANT: In one of the 2 inch pipes glue a piece of wire into the gun across the inside of the tube. This is to prevent you from inhaling a marshmallow into your lungs. I salvaged my piece of wire from a twist tie and glued it in with super glue.

When everything is sanded down you are ready to assemble your gun.  Unfortunately I cannot insert an image into this type of instructable so I will describe it instead.   Hopeful you can figure our which pieces go where by watching the videos, . 
For the main tube the order of pieces is the following:
6 inch vinyl tube
L joint
2 inch pvc tube
L joint
2 inch pvc tube
T joint
6 inch pvc tube
T joint
8 inch pvc barrel

For the tilt action part which attaches to the T joint closest to the vinyl tube the order is as follows.  (The perpendicular section should be pointed up):
insert the 1.25 inch pvc tube into the T joint with the heavily sanded side pointed up
L joint
12 inch pvc tube

The machine gun magazines insert into the other T joint which should be pointed down unless the user wants to fire the gun in automatic mode.  The magazine is a 6 inch pvc tube with a cap on the end. 




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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    My 8y/o grand dtr was a marshmallow princess for halloween, so this is just the thing for her at christmas. I'm wrapping hers, but hiding numerous other ones with other members of the family so that when she starts shooting Us...we can bombard Her! can't wait...thanks for your instructable and for the safety mouth piece.


    2 years ago

    If you still have the gun, do you know the type of PVC you used (it should be written on the side of the pipe, like SCH 40 for standard pvc)? I haven't been able to find thin walled pvc at my local hardware store, so I'm trying to decide between CPVC and ordering something online.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    It was schedule 20; 40 might still work though. I made barrels out of 40 and they were more powerful but they didn't shoot strait. I think you will have more jamming but if you take a rotary tool and really sand all the inside edges so that they are smooth and rounded that will help a lot.

    Big Baneser

    5 years ago

    Wear eye protection but leave your mouth free to eat the flying fluffy goodness of marshmallows.