Tilt-out Trash Cabinet



Introduction: Tilt-out Trash Cabinet

I had a lot of leftover 1x2s, 2x4s, 2x3s, underlayment, etc. in my shop that I didn't have space for, so I decided to build a tilt out trash cabinet. The sizes of wood I had on hand helped determine the dimensions of the cabinet rather than best design practice. No real planning was done other than trying to use up the pile of wood.

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Step 1: Trash Holder

Build a frame that will accommodate a trash can.

Step 2: Shelf

Screw a shelf to the bottom of the frame for the can to sit on.

Step 3: Cabinet Frame

Build a cabinet frame to house the trash shelf.

Step 4: Back

Staple underlayment to the back of the cabinet frame.

Step 5: Tilt

Drill holes through the front of the two frames and secure to one another with bolts. This allows the shelf to tilt out. You can also use hinges for this step with the advantage that you do not need space beneath the door for the door to tilt forward.

Step 6: Sides/Top

Staple underlayment to the sides and top of the cabinet frame.

Step 7: Finishing

Screw finishing wood over the corners and gaps.

Step 8: Front

Attach finishing wood to the front of the cabinet and door.

Step 9: Poly

Polyurethane the underlayment.

Step 10: Prime

Prime the finishing wood.

Step 11: Paint

Paint the finishing wood.

Step 12: Handle

Attach a handle to the door.

Step 13: Trash

Throw out the trash.

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