Compact Tilting Cargo Trike


Design and draw in computer before build anything; you can build a whole new trike or modify from a bike

動手造物前先設計製圖; 可設計製作整車,或現成單車改前二輪快些

Step 1:

Sub frame of the front end kit; mass production need welding jigs

前支架; 批量製造須有焊接治具

Step 2:

Suspension arms and Steer knuckles, structures made by laser cut sheet metal

懸掛與轉向節, 主体以鐳射割鈑金製作

Step 3: Mechanism/Geometry

Scrub of different kind of knuckles and wheels,now I'm building G2


Lean angle compared with the similar trike in the market


Step 4: Why Scrub Matters

This kind simple style front end kit is a carriage steering mod, you have to exert much more power (say scrub 25cm;about 8 times of sports car mod)on handle bar, not fit for non-pavement terrain


Step 5:

Sub frame tubes and welding jig positioning completed

副支架管結構完成, 找工廠代工焊接

Step 6:

Aluminum alloy subframe also available


Step 7:

What capacity of the compact trike?even when in tight turn without interference

小車有多大裝載量? 以不影響跨越起落安全騎行為前提



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