Simple Fixes to Timbuktu Commute Bag V.1, for Biking

Introduction: Simple Fixes to Timbuktu Commute Bag V.1, for Biking

As a Timbuktu bag fan in the habit of biking with a laptop in my messenger bag, when they came out with the commute bag, I thought 'perfect' and ordered one online. I was like woo hoo this gonna be cool. But when I got it I was shocked and dismayed to find that it was not a bike bag!! WTH?? O dios mio, Lords of cobol!
See, it has backpack straps and a shoulder strap, but not the key cross strap thingy that keeps a timbuktu messenger bag in place when you're biking by clicking into the shoulder strap.

So once the feelings of anger and betrayal had settled to a steady simmer which has never really gone away, I came up with a solution to salvage the situation. This solution is documented at long last here.

I haven't looked at the current version of the commute. So this is for version one.

The only sacrifice of this solution is that you don't get to unhook and hide the backpack straps inside the bag anymore. This isn't a sacrifice for me, as I'd rather have access to them at all times anyway.

Step 1: Undo Undo Undo

unfasten and re-fasten the backpack straps as shown.

Step 2: Now About That Lousy Shoulder Strap...

not so good. the adjustment clamp tends to pop open and let out all the slack just when you don't want it to (i.e. always). If you have or get a shoulder strap pad, you can improve this a bit. I had one from one of my old timbuktu bags.

Step 3: One More Thing -- That Annoying Floppy Strap Bit on the Back

One more thing: When you close the bag, fasten it, and then tighten it down, it leaves a strap end hanging off the back with the weight of the sewn-on reflector on it, which flops against the bag when you walk, flap-flap-flap-flap... A-Nnoy-Ing!! Unthread it and flip it over. Now when you fasten it, the loose part is tucked in and doesn't flap like a deranged pedometer. Enhance your calm. Strap still works, but better. Reflector doesn't show as much anymore, so enhance your stealth too. Was a dumb place to put it in the first place. Are all these things fixed on the current version of the commute bag?

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