Time Lapse Hack




This is a real easy hack and does not require any tools or complex set up. All you need is a TiltPod and an IKEA kitchen timer. You simply magnetically attach the till pod on the flat top surface of the Timer and you’re good to go.

Once you set up your time lapse app or the settings on your GoPro camera all you have to do is wind up the timer and start your time lapse. The slow panning effect will be sped up during the time lapse giving it a nice panoramic view.

This will work with the GoPro or a smartphone, plus it’s cheap & easy.

Dana Freeman



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This IKEA timer time lapse is SO FREKING AMAZING!!!

    I stack a 3/4 male screw on there (using metal epoxy) and an iphone mount on there
    and with the oSnap app I got great videos.
    Now i plan on sticking a female 3/4 screw adapter on the bottom of the timer
    so I can use a proper tripod (or mini-tripod) to get better stability!!!