Time Traveling Prophesier

This costume was built in for Halloween 2015. Skill level : Professional. Tools Required : Hammer, Table Saw, Laptop (only can be used for costume afterward), Jig Saw, Pencil, Plex Glass, Paint, lots of time and imagination.

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Step 1: Building the Crate

Build a box is 34" x 34" square. Angled internal boards are exactly placed from center outward at point 17" x 17"

Step 2: Build a Hologram Pyramid

Follow the steps in the pictures and you can find 3d Projector videos free online.

Step 3: Add Decor

Make it up. Use your imagination, that is what it's for.

Step 4: Win Tons of Money at Costume Contests Because You Are Unbelievable.

What this video because this would take 100+ pages to explain it. lol


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    3 years ago

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!