Time in a Cabinet (Just for KIDS)




Introduction: Time in a Cabinet (Just for KIDS)

This project is my son ideas, it’s easy to make and lots of fun. The materials in this project are from the recycle and reuse stuffs. The first that we think of is to make for a daily use. The simple and basic is to make some things square, so we started to look for a box. The used shoes box is perfect, it the right size not too big or small and we should add more function. What if, the shoes box can tell the time, it would be good. So we are looking for an old watch and start designing. The solution is to make the cabinet that can tell time and to make it interesting we add some cartoon characters from “The Regular shows”. Let’s work.

The cabinet dimension: Length 42 centimeters x Width 20 centimeters x Height 12 centimeters

Supplies that you need to do the “Time in A Cabinet ” project.

1. Old shoes box. (the lid should intact with the box)

2. Old clock.

3. Old wristband.

4. Old window magnet.

5. Tree branches and small plywood.

6. Recycle paper for print and small cardboard.

7. Glue, scotch tape and two sides tape.

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Step 1: The Cleaning

Clean the shoes box and use the scotch tape around the folding edges. Make sure that all edges of the box are intact together. Next you need to clean the old clock and drill the hole at the center of the lid. Then use the two sides tape the old clock inside of the lid and make sure that you stick it straight.

Step 2: Inside Works

For the inside of the shoes box, just cut a small piece of cardboard to make the shelf in the box. The bottom area might be bigger. You need to make the bracket to hold the cardboard shelf on both sides inside the box. Next you also need the cut off the lid’s edges, and attach magnet to the inside edge of the box. Try to open and close and adjust the magnet position, make sure that the lid stay shut, when the magnet is holding. Now you cut off the wristband for the handle, both end of the wristband you need to use the tape it around. This way when you use the two sides tape, and tape to the front lid, it will stick.

Step 3: The Legs

The legs that make from tree branches must be cut evenly (the legs at 10 centimeters) and cut the small piece of plywood at 20 X12 centimeters. Now you glue all the legs to the plywood and let it dry. Next is to use two sides tape at the bottom of the box (outside the box) to the plywood. You should have something like a cabinet.

Step 4: Print Out the Characters and Cut.

It time to print out “The Regular Show” characters on the recycle papers and start cutting, also you should print out the numbers for the clock; such as 12, 3, 6, 9. Now you should arrange all characters pieces and numbers before glue it to the front of the lid.

Note: should measure the characters in black and white print out, before print in color.

Step 5: Attach the Hands.

Now you attach the minute hand, hour hand, second hand and put in new battery. That it.

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