Introduction: Timelapse

About: My hobby is electronics. I have an Arduino which I like to program, and I make stop motion videos with my camera. I also have a great interest in DIY.

Time-lapse is another form of video, two others being stop motion and slow motion. In time-lapse, you speed up the video, as opposed to slowing it down. In this instructable, I shall show you how to do it.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. Camera
  2. A movie developing software
  3. Camera shooting timer (Has to be compatible with your camera)
  4. A partly cloudy day

Step 2: Time-lapse Basics

A time-lapse movie is a regular movie sped up. It works on the principle; If you have low frame rate and you speed the movie up, you get a smooth movie which lapses through time at high speed. In order to do this, you will need a camera shot timer to take a shot once every 5 seconds. Otherwise, you will get a huge movie that takes up several hundred megabytes. Later, you can take the pictures and string them together to get 10 FPS in the computer.

Step 3: Taking the Pictures

Mount the timer to the camera and turn it on. Set the rate to 5 seconds. Set the camera on a tripod and take it outside. Point the camera to the sky and start the timer. The camera should start taking pictures once every 5 seconds. After 100 pictures, stop the timer.

Step 4: Transferring and Creating

Take the camera to your computer and connect them. If your camera can't do that, take the SD card out and plug it into a card reader. Transfer the pictures to your computer. Open up the movie developing software[Adobe Premiere Elements, (expensive, more features); Windows Movie Maker, (free download, less features)] and upload the pictures to it. Select all the pictures and change their rate to 10 FPS. Add a title and some music. (Remember to credit the author if required.) Save the video to the computer.

Step 5: You're Done!

You can now upload your video to You tube or your favorite video website.

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