Bomb-like Timer (v1)

Introduction: Bomb-like Timer (v1)

About: I am an industrial designer, nice to find a place like this to share my stuff ,

This is just a brief introduction of a bomb-like timer project that I am working on,

I put everything into an acrylic pipe with Big Red led time digit just to make it looks

tense when it actual counting down. (time is ticking......)

most of the hardware and software are ready except for final assembly

(hates welding on various tiny area, dont have good eyes)

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Step 1: Timer Prototype

This is a video just to show how the timer works, sorry I was speaking in Chinese (wasnt planning to launch this DIY becos it is not yet completed ), what I was actually doing was setting up a count down timer, and when the time reaches the preset time, it starts to count down and meanwhile turns off the electric appliance (lamp). There are 5 tac buttons, up, down (to add or subtract digits), left, right (to move to the next , previous menu), and enter.

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

Pics show male and female plug, one end connects to a power source (120v in my country), and the other end connect to the appliance. There are weldings on the back of the cover. They are damn difficult~

Step 3: Assemble All Parts

Few pics to show the assembly, the timer is power by 4 AAA batteries on the back, ( MCU, relay, LED, beeper)

Step 4: Acrylic Pipe

Assemble everything into the acrylic pipe, and screw tight both end with 3D printed parts.

Once again, apologize for the incompletion of this project, I will update it once all weldings are done~.

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