Tin Can Candle

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This is a cool DIY tea candle and survival candle.The tin can tea candle is a great light source for cheap. Also the great thing about this project is that is a safer way to burn tea candles. The tin can gives it a nice base and is metal so that candle won't burn threw or spill candle wax. The holes in the tin can are great for letting the light of the candle threw. You can make as many holes as you want light to come threw. Also you can poke holes in certain spots to create a pattern or design on the can. I use tea candles in the this project you could use other candles to. Tea candle are cheap and I had a pack around. Also another cool thing to do with this is add a hanger and let and hang it somewhere. Theres many different size tin cans use what ever size you have or works for you.

I light them with a torch lighter

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tin can

bigger nail


tea candle

Step 2: Nail Holes

Get out the hammer and a fairly big size nail. Start nailing holes in the side of the tin can. I spread out the holes about an inch apart around the the can starting about an inch from the bottom of the can. I made three rows of holes. I held the can with my feet and nailed the holes. Make sure when nailing the holes towards the top you don't bend the can. Using a sharper nail helps when hammering the holes. If you want can make a pattern instead of making random holes. The holes help the light come threw. This can leave sharp edges on the inside of the can. If desired you can file down the sharp edges. I didn't do that I found it didn't affect anything. Just be sure when adding candle don't scarp yourself.

Step 3: Add Candle

tea candle work great for this project that's what I used. Otherwise I would recommend using a small candle. Make sure there is space between the candle and can. When using the tea candle you can carry this around with out being to hot. Also this where you can take a hanger and put it threw two of the top holes to hang. This is great to have around in case of an emergency. Also they look great in a bathroom or living room. Make sure to never leave candles unattended.



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