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As a school prodject, over two years ago we made a simple speaker. This was the first time I had ever soldered a circuit together and has since inspired me to make bigger and more complex projects. However over time my speaker had stopped working so I decided to resirect the circuit and make a different speaker.

Step 1: Clean the Can

First you need to get a tin can. Once you have eaten the contents you need co clean the can. I wanted a small, this one had sweetcorn in it. I cleaned it with soap and water and got the glue from the label off with wd-40.

Step 2: Cut the Lid

The top of the speaker needs to be removable. This is so that the battery can be replaced once it goes flat. I cut the hole in my lid with a dremmel. The dremmel had a diamond cutter attachment on it. Be careful when cutting the lid because the dremmel makes lots of sparks.

Step 3: Glue the Speaker

Next you need to glue the speaker onto the lid so that the speaker is permanently connected to the rest of the product. I used a hot glue gun and just went round the speaker sealing it to the lid.

Step 4: Switch and Aux

First mark out where you want the switch and the aux to go making sure you draw on the correct sizes so that they will fit in the holes. Next push the switch and aux connections into the tin where you made the holes.

Step 5: Circuit Board

This was the first ever circuit board that I ever soldered. Consequently the soldering is pretty bad and I had to re-solder lots of the components to get it working again. This is just a simple speaker circuit that I soldered at school. The circuit originally had an LED in it but I cut that out as I couldn't get it working. The chewbacca speaker was the original design but the acrylic had all fallen apart so I decided to make a new speaker instead.

Step 6: Finnished

Now you can plug it strait into your phone and start playing music. I decided to add a green rubber band to hid the glue. This is a very simple speaker and extremely easy to make. The sound is not the best as It is only a cheap speaker. However it is surprisingly loud. Thank you for reading.

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    This is awesome. You could make a tin can phone that works like a real phone.