Tin Punching

Introduction: Tin Punching

These are really interesting and easy to make! They are made out of empty soup cans. All you have to do is fill the cans with water about 1/2 inch from the top. Then freeze them (you can put them outside to save space in the freezer) They MUST be totally frozen! ;D ( learned my lesson!) then take a nail and hammer the nail in lightly. To get the holes evenly spaced or a nice pattern, just use a piece of paper with dots drawn on it taped to the can. You can get cute patterns out of Martha Stuart's Encyclopedia of crafts. The ice keeps the can from denting when you tap it with the hammer. When your done tapping the pattern out onto the tin can, melt the ice by running hot water on it. Have fun, and remember, practice makes perfect! ;D Oh, sorry! Make sure you put candles in your lanterns!



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