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Transform an ordinary tin can into dazzling candle votive! All you need is a tin can(obviously), hot glue gun, old CD-s and a nail or a screw!

Step 1: Punching Holes in the Can

Take your tin can and a nail or a screw and punch holes, I used a screw and you simply press and twist and that's it!
The size of the hole depends on how much you twist, if you want a smaller one, you twist just a little, until the screw breaks through the other side, and if you want a bigger one, twist a little more.

You can punch holes in a random pattern or you can form various images, I chose swirls that I drew with a marker before and punched holes along the lines.

You can see in the pictures how it looks after the punching is done, it's really lovely once you light a candle!

Step 2: Adding a Little Dazzle

Once the punching is done, take an old CD and either cut it in pieces or if you can successfully break it in little pieces and not damage the colorful background, do that.

Simply glue the pieces with a hot glue gun in any order you like and that's it!

You can actually glue anything you like to it or add some glitter!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I've tried punching holes in cans .its not as easy as this. I found it easier to freeze water in the can first then punch the holes but even that was a pain.