Tinage Ninja Pencil Stand



This awesome looking pen stand will make you stand out and make your life fantastic....It is really easy to make one amd takes very little time...It will be one of the most awesome stand you will ever imagine...

Step 1: Materials Required ..

1. Florescent paper

2. Tin can





Step 2: Measuring and Wrapping

1. Measure the height of the tin can with a ruler

2. cut the paper according to the size of the tin can.

3. Wrap the paper around the tin can

Step 3: Cutting

1.Cut the skew according to the height of the tin. as illustrated in the image

2.Paste the skew on the tin.

Step 4: The Face

1.Cut a rectangle and draw the eyes and eye brows.

2.Paste it on the can as shown in the image.

Step 5: Roping It

1. Now wrap a rope around the stand to make it look attractive.

2.Open the lid and put stationary items like pen pencil eraser sharpner ruler etc

3.Your pen stand is ready

Step 6: Flashing the Stand

Now flash the stand to make it look more awesome..you can use leds to make your room incredible..



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