Tinfoil Instructables Robot (etched)

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I made this Instructable for the Instructables Robot contest. It's quick, easy and fun to make.

Step 1: Supplies

For this craft, you'll need:

- a magazine

- tinfoil

- a printed image of the robot

- a pen

- scissors

Step 2: Tinfoil

First- place a sheet of tin foil about 8x10 (it doesnt have to be perfect), and lay it on the magazine, shiny side down.

Step 3: Image

Now take your Intructables Robot image and lay it face down on the foil.

Step 4: Trace

Trace the faint outline of the robot. Apply lots of pressure so the image is pressed through to the foil.

Step 5: Tracing Again (optional)

Remove the image. The instructables robot should be pressed into the foil. Trace inside the the creases for sharper lines.

Step 6: Cutting

Cut out your foil image.

Step 7: Finish!

When you're finished, there is a variety of things you can do with your creation! Hang it on your fridge, or your wall, paint it, show it to someone who might care.. You name it!!



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