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Introduction: Tiniest Honey Walnut Shrimp

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Having a dime-sized plate of Honey Walnut Shrimp may seem impractical, but if you're a portion-ist and you would only like to indulge yourself a "dinky" bit...here is your answer.  Yeah, it's crazy to have made such a ridiculous amount of food for what seems like a mili-second of ingestion.  I won't argue that, lol.  If you have lots of time on your hands, I invite you to look at my strange video below! :)

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Step 1: Recipe

Truth is - you need to start with a real recipe, and you can go with one of your choice, or check out the link below.  :)  Basically, you make the full portion of everything, and deduce that amount with my cute measuring spoons.  Unless...you are a mathematical genius and you can actually figure these portions out LOL.  Also - I totally love this stuff, and this tiny portion wouldn't do - so of course I had to make the rest of the batch!

I haven't tried this one, but it looks good :) = http://www.handletheheat.com/2011/10/honey-walnut-shrimp.html

Also - if you're crazy enough to make this - you will need the following:

Mini Measuring Spoons
Mini Plates
Mini Mixing Bowls
Mini Copper Pot
Mini Silverware
Mini Cutting Board
Mini Paper Towel
Exacto Knife (food safe)
Hot Plate For heating the oil in the pot

Step 2: Step One

Prepare your shrimp to your desired size.  In my case, this smallest size shrimp was too big, and I needed to cut it into 20 pieces or so.  Measure out the amount that you will need - Just a Pinch!

Step 3: Batter Them Up!

Get your Dash of batter, put it into a mixing bowl and slowly add your shrimp so that you get them all covered.

Step 4: Walnuts

You can chop your walnuts and set them aside for now. You will need a Smidgen.  :)

Step 5: Fry Those Babies!

Alright, you have your battered shrimp and now they are ready to fry!  Stab one with a toothpick, make sure that your oil is hot enough, and fry away.  (You will need 2 Dashes of canola oil.)  You may need to turn your toothpick to fry all sides of the shrimp evenly because it won't come off the toothpick.  Once they are done, set them on your cutting board with a paper towel to drain excess oil.

Step 6: Combine & Serve

Take your sauce, 1 Dash, put it in a mixing bowl, add the walnuts and then your shrimp.  Mix it all up with a toothpick and make sure that everything is evenly coated.  

Then arrange the food neatly on a plate, add your silverware to the mix and serve!! :)

Honestly - this is like, one lick of food.  But it still had the flavor, texture, crisp and sweetness of the full dish.

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