TinkerCAD Blind Maze

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This maze is perfect for long car rides and for people who want a challenge. Blind mazes are covered so you can't the maze inside.

Step 1: Start

Place the marble in the hole labeled "Start." Once it is in, you may begin.

Step 2: Playing

Tilt the puzzle and blindly guide the marble through the maze. *The picture shows the paths, but when you really play you will not be able to see them.*

Step 3: End

After a while, you will eventually guide the marble to the hole labeled "End." The marble will fall out of that hole, so make sure you have a hand there to catch it.

Step 4:



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    3 months ago

    This is a neat idea! If you wanted to, you could upload the files so other people can print and make exactly what you designed.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 months ago

    That would be amazing! Thank you. I appreciate it.