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As a 13 year old during the eclipse last year I loved watching the eclipse, but was bummed that there was no way to record it on a phone without maybe damaging the phones camera. So I decided that I would 3D print something for that purpose! This is for my dad's iPhone 6S, but you can mod this for almost any phone.

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Step 1: Glasses

Cut one reflector out of your eclipse glasses like in the pictures. ( I found my glasses in the trash! )

Step 2: Print Stl File


I used Slic3r prusa edition 1.5mm optimal with supports on.

Step 3: Finish

Remove the supports from your print. Slide the eclipse glasses into the top slot on your print.

Step 4: Take Loads of Pictures

I was not able to take any pictures during the eclipse but here are some pictures, using the device, of the sun on a very bright day!

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