Tinkering for Dummies

Tinkercad is a free and easy 3D design tool! Simply go to tinkercad.com and click on DISCOVER to check out existing models that you yourself can alter and/or print!! Click on COPY AND TINKER to see how it was done and/or make any changes you desire!!! Click LEARN for lessons!!!!

Step 1: DESIGN

Click DESIGN, then DESIGN A NEW THING and you're prompted to begin. You'll notice that your project has been given a wacky title. Click the gear icon next to this title to rename your project.

Step 2: SHAPES

Select a shape from the geometric tool box, and click anywhere on the grid to add this to your model. Use the four arrows in the top left corner (around the house icon) to spin the model left or right, or to tilt the model up or down! You can also use the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out!! Click and drag any of the white corner squares around your shape to change its size!!!


Once you've combined enough shapes to your liking, you may want to add some windows! First, select a symbol or a letter from the menu and add it to whatever wall you please. While the shape i still selected, click the HOLE icon.


Once you feel satisfied with your piece, select all the parts at once and click on the GROUP icon. At the top of the web page, click the PRINT 3D icon. If you want to go back to access your model again, click MY THINGS at the top of the DISCOVER page!



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