Tiny Dog Toy for Your Toy Dogs

Introduction: Tiny Dog Toy for Your Toy Dogs

Don't have any good toys to use like a toy dog toy? Well, for this instructables, you will only need hair bands(small ones) to make a tiny toy for your toy dogs.

Sorry if this is not good, it is my first instructables.

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Step 1: What You Need

This part is short. You only need:

-3 small hair bands(any color you want)

You probably have them, do you?

Step 2: Making the Toy

First, take a band, twist it like an 8(or the "endless" sign). Then, put one of the holes of the 8 twist, like making a Loom band between your fingers. After that, pass the other two bands on your fingers.

Step 3: Almost Done!

This step, for noobs, is a little hard. Grab the twist, and then pass it on the band at the top.

Step 4: Your Own Toy Dog Toy!

Congrats! Take all the bands carefully off your fingers, and there you go! Use it anywhere you want

I hope you enjoyed, be sure to check out on my next instructables(that will come out soon)!

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