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Introduction: Tiny Forest

I like making little treats and pretty much doing anything crafty. I want to learn new techniques...

Make a tiny whimsical woodland in the Altoid Smalls tin. No one will expect to see all the cuteness inside!

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Step 1: Supplies

Here we are doing a forest scene but you could really do what ever you wanted, for some inspiration look up altered altoid tins on pinterest. 

Supplies can be customized, of course. 

Craft glue, glue stick, gel glue
Washi tape
Various papers
Vellum paper
Miniature forest animals
Jewels, beads, buttons
Black pen
Altoid smalls tin
Needle nose pliers

Step 2: Cover Up

This part can be up to you as well. 

But what I did here was wrap the top with washi tape and smooth down all seams

I glued a wide piece of brown ribbon on top of that

Then put on two thinner pieces of ribbon running the opposite way.

You can trim all the edges with a utility knife, carefully

 I topped it with a silver confetti circle 

Take an old ring and using needle nose pliers bend the ring straight and make it hook over the edges.

Glue a piece of ric rac ribbon on the bottom of the tin. 

Step 3: Think in Layers

First you will make your background layers. 
Trace out the bottom of your altoid tin on paper and cut out
Trim paper until it fits snuggly

Then cut out one piece of the same size on vellum paper
Cut out tree shapes on the vellum piece then glue that piece on one of your back ground pieces

Cut down tree branches to fit tightly inside of your tin vertically

Make a long ribbon of paper to slip on the inner edge of the scenery and glue in place

Dab the tops and bottom of the branches with craft glue and place inside vertically

I tucked in some frayed threads glued together as background weeds

Then you can glue your little animals inside

I used fringed paper for the weeds in the foreground. 

The lid side you can do anything on. I wrapped the paper in washi tape and glued a bead in the middle.

Leave open and let dry.

Step 4: Add Some Personal Touches

Add a special message or even a photo to the inside lid. Once everything is good and dry you're done!

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    XD Thank you ! Enjoy. I have this obsession with tiny creatures.