Tiny Headstones

Introduction: Tiny Headstones

Most people think that for tombstones to be scary they have to be big, not always. Somtimes tiny things can be pretty scary, or what were going for is a creepy ambience effect for your yard.  So im going to take you through the steps I would to make my tiny headstones.

Step 1: Main Body and Carving

  To start you head stone(s) your going to need a base, and because these are tiny, the bases are going to be small; and for these i find only two typs of base shapes, a classic half circle top, and a squared shape, but the squre one is simple to cut out of a bored of styrofoam. So lets go over to classic one, all you need to do is cut an angle of the corner then shape.

   Now for the carving; its very simple, all you need is either a smalll pocket knife or an exacto knife to trace out the border( if you want one, not all head stones have borders) and also the epitaph , like the average RIP. Then trace a roung the trace, with the knife at an angle then just scoop the foam out with the knife. Same goes with designs on the epitaph and  even cracks on the edges.

Step 2: Painting

For this you wil need some: que-tips, black acrylic, black spray paint, somthing for the paint like a paper plate and a water spritzer, but i didnt have that so i used a water pistol wich worked just as well.

Now for the detail painting you would normally do after the spray painting but i find doing it before and a little after gives it a creepier and cooler look. 

    For the smaller details like the letters you would take all the cotton of a que-tip that way it will fit in the letters. And just use the regular que-tips for the borders and the cracks. To give the tombstone a worn down look just take a watter sprizter(or water gun) and wet it down and let the paint drip down it and dry. So now you just need to spary paint it, But be light with the spray paint! to much will make it too dark and eat away at it more than you should let it. Just wisp the tombstones with with, And remember safty! spay paint could cause some brain damage so do it in a well ventilated area.

Step 3: Set Up

Finally you tombstones are ready for the yard, all you need is to get some dowles, wich come in a Cheap pack! Just slowly push two dowls in through the bottom of your tombstones,  then you can take them out find the spot for them in the yard, hammer the dowels in the  ground and just slide the headstones right over the dowels. Do this for each tombstone, and in no time you can have a mini grave yard; or depending on how many you plan to make you can have a full grave yard with just these.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Be careful about your paints; many aerosol paint solvents will also dissolve polystyrene, so use thin layers and let them dry thoroughly between coats.