Tiny High-Speed Spinner Toy!





Introduction: Tiny High-Speed Spinner Toy!

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This is a fun toy made out of a paperclip. Really fast spinner and easy to make. Kids love 'em! Video demonstration included!

Step 1: All You Need...

A Paperclip and a pair of needle nose pliers. I used the plastic covered paperclips because they are better looking.

Step 2: How to Do It...

Using a regular paper clip, the height b and the radius of the circle c are about 1cm or .4 inch. Bend the angle a to about 50 degrees
The spinner will run well even if the curvature of the circle is not perfect. With a well made top, you will see the circle and the shaft very clearly, while the rapidly revolving spokes will be invisible. When you spin the top with your fingers, it spins very fast, with speeds possible up to several thousand rpm.

The final trick - shown in the video - uses a tiny Neodymium magnet placed on the axis of the top, trying not to mess with the balance. The top will then be attracted to another metallic object, in this case another paper clip bent into a curved shape. The spinning top clings on to the curved shape and spins around its edge.

Step 3: Here Is the Video...

Give it a try and have fun!!



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    I think one of the highest compliments you can give a person here is:
    "that gives me an idea!" And yours did.

    Hey, kipkay is alive! Good to see another neat 'ible from you after so long! (or was the subscription system just glitching on here...)

    1 reply

    Can you give the appox. dimensions for a jumbo sized paperclip?

    I guess your too used to youtube.... You said thanks for watching....

    no offense, but your supposed to search for what you are gonna make to see if its already here

    So does that mean that every other similar instructable has to be violently accused?

    THANK you pyro22!!! The other Instructable has step-by-step pictures that let me actually DO the craft! The pics on the other project are not really clear, but at least I can get the general idea of how to get it done. THX again!