Tiny House Euro





Introduction: Tiny House Euro

We built a Tiny House on a trailer and towed it around Europe this summer. We built it in Holland and drove south to France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and it's still on tour..! Watch the video to see how we made it.

Step 1: Tiny House Euro Timelapse Build

We set up a GoPro to take photos of the build. There is a clock running in the corner to show you how long it took. Enjoy!

Step 2: A Few Pictures of the Build

Step 3: Stained, Painted and Gear Put In

Step 4: On the Road (or Stuck in an Alley in France) and Camping



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    14 Discussions

    Wow!!! I love it, just doing research about crossing borders, did you have any trouble crossing borders in countries like Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and where did you park most of the time?

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    The only problem we had was in Turkey. They thought we were going to unhitch it off the car and leave it there as a house. We had to get a special permission and present a note and passport with an exit date and travel plans on it. We waited in the border crossing for a long time. Everywhere else was fine. We often had to buy specific insurance at the border if they didn't honour the one we had but overall it was pretty negligible. We parked in camp grounds, truck stops, gas stations, parks, holiday parks, mountain camp grounds, beaches etc. Just make sure you're not breaking any rules :) Have fun!

    Does the trailer need to be rated to a certain weight or is that just a suggestion on some trailers? Like I could by a cheap trailer just frame but most of those are only rated at less than 2000lb capacity.

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    I believe ours was 1100kgs or 2200 pounds. It just depends on how much you build and want to carry on it. If you're going tongontheough the effort don't get too cheap of a trailer. The last thing you want is for it to break etc. Good luck !

    From one Dutch (wo)man to antother..... Love it and more......so nice to see a Dutch tiny house. I'm researching and dreaming, maybe some day I can realize something like this.

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    Thanks so much. Dream big and build tiny! Hopefully it comes to fruition one day !

    What about licensing and stuff, currently living in Germany, and want to build something like this. I know it's different from country to country, but some direction would help! Lol

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    Our trailer had German plates and our car was registered in the Netherlands. We bolted it down to a trailer so it was technically just a trailer carrying a load. We had insurance on the trailer and car and depending on what borders you cross sometimes they made you buy a little bit more of their country specific insurance. Otherwise we had no problems with it as a trailer.

    It looks great, but I am confused...

    How does it stand up? Do you have more information on the construction techniques you used?

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    It is bolted down to a trailer. The video shows the majority of the construction on the timelapse. Only a few minutes long, sped up over a week to build. The trailer is towed by the car and moves around just as any trailer carrying a load. I don't have more techniques posted at this stage but feel free to watch the video it should answer lots of questions hopefully : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mT31NsopOc

    It dosent look like there is enough supports on the inside and no insulation either. Wouldnt it get cold?

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    Oh she is definitely structurally sound. Built by a rocket scientist And an aeronautical engineer. The house was designed for the European summer. It was super hot so insulation was not a concern. I don't think towing it around ice and snow would be a great idea anyway so we didn't build it for the cold. :) thanks for looking