Tiny Paper Lanterns

Introduction: Tiny Paper Lanterns

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I enjoyed making these for my small wedding reception, but they are nice for birthdays and holidays too. We used them when I taught preschool on birthdays, and it's nice that the LED votives are kid safe. You can use basically any fabric or paper to make these simple lovely lights.

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Step 1: Gather Thin, Flexible Materials and Wrap Them Around the LED Candles.

Start with some LED votive candles and choose what you'd like to wrap them up with. I used washi tape, which comes in an infinite variety of patterns and is easy to apply. I also used vintage dusty blue lace paper and sections of a roll of dictionary page wrapping paper. I found the lace on etsy from Bonita Rose and the washi tape from Chickydoddle. Basically, you need to wrap sections of the flexible materials you like around the candles in a cylinder shape. They can be attached with masking or washi tape. Fabric lace, comic strips, paper snowflakes, doilies, or dried leaves all might all make nice lantern materials.

Step 2: Light and Enjoy.

Once you've wrapped your candles, light them and spread them out in a way that pleases you. They can be a bit fragile, so hold them from the bottom and handle with care.

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    Those are great looking lanterns! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


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    Thank you so much!