Tiny Pistol Crossbow W/ Lasersight

Introduction: Tiny Pistol Crossbow W/ Lasersight

- Jig saw / metal saw

- drill

- scissors

- pliers

Screws (details in the video), hex nuts, wood plates, 2mm aluminum sheet,

hair clips, aluminum U profile, rubberband, Q-tips

Step 1: The Templates for the Wooden Parts, Plus Some Close Ups

Best way to start, 2 pieces of wood, around 4mm thick. Make sure the COVER template fits it.
Then screw them together, and cut out the cover.

After that, one rear, one front inlay, and boom, there are the main parts for the bow.

For the back-plate of the bow limbs, you can use any metal,

I had 2mm aluminum laying around. Copy the holes, cut out a bigger gap for the arrow, and done.

The rest is explained in my video. Have fun

Step 2:



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    Did you use a specific kind of wood, or any sort of relatively tough scrap wood would do?

    1 reply

    it has really nice design.

    thanks for sharing.