Tiny Robot Fridge Magnets Diy for Kids



Introduction: Tiny Robot Fridge Magnets Diy for Kids

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Objective of this project is to have fun with your kids. And kids should enjoy making it

We bought a kit for making fruit fridge Magnets, it was good but we had left over plaster of Paris. Did not know what to do.
We needed another mold to cast sometime that is of interest to my son

We got creative and used old chocolate molds to make tiny robot fridge magnets

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Plaster of Paris
- molds of your choice, we used chocolate molds
- fevicol or glue
- paint and paint brush
- a bowl and spool

Step 2: Casting

Add half a cup of plaster of Paris into a bowl then slowly add water, till the consistency is not too thick and not too runny

Using spoon pour into molds. since my mold was made of silicone, I did not apply any releasing agent

Let the cast set for 30 minutes and de- mold.

Step 3: Painting

Let your kid paint into any color of their choice. it does not have to be perfectly painted. Kids should enjoy....

After painting leave it to dry for 3hrs. or if you cannot wait use a hair drier to speed up the process

Step 4: Magnets

So one can use regular ferrite magnets or magnetic sheets easily available in stationary stores.

Use fevicol to stick magnets to the backside of each piece

Leave for 30 to 40 minutes till the glue is dry.

Once done place them on your fridge and show to your friends

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